Artificial Intelligence Important for the Future of Digital Marketing in Nepal

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Kathmandu, Central Region
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1 year ago
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OhAI, the dream brought to life for marketers. This week for dsmmcm1819 we arelooking into AI and how it has been used in an innovative way over the last fewyears.Some of the most successful digital companies have built their productofferings around the ability to provide highly relevant and personalizedproduct or content advice – including Amazon, Netflix and Spotify. LoriGoldberg wrote in a brief history of artificial intelligence in advertising forConsultancy, “This all comes from AI-based clustering and interpreting ofconsumer data paired with profile information and demographics. These AI-basedsystems continually adapt to your likes and dislikes and react with newrecommendations tailored in real-time.” For more information's please contact uson 9851214726 or visit our